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List of Posters and Demo Presentations:

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Presentation #  Submission # Presenter Title
P01 2 Stan Laulederkind Adapting Disease Vocabularies for Curation at the Rat Genome Database
P02 6 Jonathan Bisson PHO: The Pharmacognosy Ontology
P03 8 Susan Bello Using Equivalence Axioms from the Mammalian Phenotype Ontology to Facilitate Phenotype and Expression Comparisons
P04 19 Rebecca Tauber Current Development in the Evidence and Conclusion Ontology (ECO)
P05 20 Hande Küçük-Mcginty Knowledge Acquisition and Representation Methodology (KNARM)
P06 22 Nicolas Matentzoglu Reconciling ontology definitions using the Ontology Pattern Reconciliation Workbench and the DOSDP framework
P07 24 Yongqun He eXtensible ontology development (XOD) using web-based Ontoanimal tools
P08 26 Jose Leonardo Mejino Multi-species Malformation Ontologies
P10 29 Raymond Lee Graph Summary of Ontology-based Annotations
P11 30 Allan Hollander An Expertise Ontology for Cooperative Extension
P12 32 Hande Küçük-Mcginty Ontolobridge – A Semi-Automated Ontology Update Request System for Better FAIR-ifying BioAssay Ontology, Drug Target Ontology, and LINCS Ontology
P13 38 Jean-Philippe Gourdine Expanding the Molecular Glycophenotype Ontology to include model organisms and acquired diseases
P14 40 Simon Jupp Human Cell Atlas Ontology
P16 52 Pasan Fernando The integrative use of anatomy ontology and protein-protein interaction networks to study evolutionary phenotypic transitions
P17 53 Troy Pells Visualization of gene expression and expression as a phenotype with the XPO, XAO and DO using a combination of experimental data sources
P18 54 Melissa Clarkson Developing graphic libraries to accompany the Craniofacial Human Ontology
P19 56 Jonathan Bona Towards the Development of an Opioid Misuse Ontology
P20 59 Cooper Stansbury Coordinated Evolution of Ontologies of Informed Consent
P21 65 Khuthala Mnika An ontology-driven data capture and catalogue framework for the development of research and clinical databases in Sickle Cell Disease
P22 64 Gaston Mazandu Development and implementation of the Sickle Cell Disease Ontology
P23 60 Phil Whalen Enhancing Semantic Analysis of Pathology Reports
P24 61 William Duncan Using the Oral Health and Disease Ontology to Study Dental Outcomes in National Dental PBRN Practices
P25 3 Brenda Farrell Ontology based data architecture to promote data sharing in electrophysiology
P26 16 Citlalli Mejía A falsification approach to create and check ontology definitions
P27 72 Noor Al-Bader Ontology-based Comparative Transcriptomics: Novel Drought Stress-Induced Genes and Pathways in Rice
P28 68 Laurel Cooper Planteome Project
P29 9 Patrick Rodler A Protégé Plug-In for Test-Driven Ontology Development
P30 71 Parul Gupta Comparative functional analysis in plants with Gramene
P32 23 Rafael Goncalves Protégé 5.5 – Improvements for Editing Biomedical Ontologies