W06: Big Data Visualization

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ICBO2018 Workshop-W06

Date: Tuesday, August 07, 2018
Time: 1:30-3:30pm
Location: Willamette room 115AB


  • Eugene Zhang
  • Yue Zhang

Workshop type:

  • Workshop

Workshop Abstract

With the increasing availability of large data sets in science and engineering, it is increasingly more difficult to obtain critical insight and understanding from the data. Visualization and visual analytics provide a means for the domain experts and data stakeholders to identify patterns in, build intuitions of, and develop hypotheses for their data. In this workshop, we will have experts in the field of data visualization to present their research as well as their vision on how data visualization can be used for big data analysis.


This workshop is a two-way communication channel, which we hope to connect biologists who produce much data with data visualization researchers, whose focus is to turn data into insight, which can be fed back to the domain experts to help formulate additional research hypotheses.