ICBO_2018_10: Standardization of the Histopathology Cancer Report: An Ontological Approach
ICBO_2018_11: Planteome & BisQue: Automating Image Annotation with Ontologies using Deep-Learning Networks
ICBO_2018_12: Transforming and Unifying Research with Biomedical Ontologies: The Penn TURBO project
ICBO_2018_13: The Identity and Mereology of Pathological Dispositions
ICBO_2018_14: Does the Foundational Model of Anatomy ontology provide a knowledgebase for learning and assessment in anatomy education?
ICBO_2018_15: Quality Assurance of Ontology Content Reuse
ICBO_2018_16: A falsification approach to create and check ontology definitions
ICBO_2018_18: Taking a Dive: Experiments in Deep Learning for Automatic Ontology-based Annotation of Scientific Literature
ICBO_2018_19: Current Development in the Evidence and Conclusion Ontology (ECO)
ICBO_2018_20: KNowledge Acquisition and Representation Methodology (KNARM)
ICBO_2018_21: From PO to GO and back
ICBO_2018_22: Reconciling ontology definitions using the Ontology Pattern Reconciliation Workbench and the DOSDP framework
ICBO_2018_23: Protégé 5.5 – Improvements for Editing Biomedical Ontologies
ICBO_2018_24: eXtensible ontology development (XOD) using web-based Ontoanimal tools
ICBO_2018_25: OOPS: The Ontology of Plant Stress, A semi-automated standardization methodology
ICBO_2018_26: Multi-species Malformation Ontologies
ICBO_2018_27: Semantic Interoperability: Challenges and Opportunities in Cell Type Knowledge Representation
ICBO_2018_28: KTAO: A kidney tissue atlas ontology to support community-based kidney knowledge base development and data integration
ICBO_2018_29: Graph Summary of Ontology-based Annotations
ICBO_2018_2: Adapting Disease Vocabularies for Curation at the Rat Genome Database
ICBO_2018_30: An Expertise Ontology for Cooperative Extension
ICBO_2018_31: Test-driven Ontology Development in Protégé
ICBO_2018_32: Ontolobridge – A Semi-Automated Ontology Update Request System for Better FAIR-ifying BioAssay Ontology, Drug Target Ontology, and LINCS Ontology
ICBO_2018_35: Can a Convolutional Neural Network Support Auditing of NCI Thesaurus Neoplasm Concepts?
ICBO_2018_36: The New SNOMED CT International Medicinal Product Model