ICBO_2018_22: Reconciling ontology definitions using the Ontology Pattern Reconciliation Workbench and the DOSDP framework


<p>Many bio-ontologies use formal, logical definitions to automate multiple inheritance classification and drive cross-ontology inference. This requires the use of standardised design patterns: shared patterns of axiomatisation using common reference ontologies. Developing, managing and implementing a suitably consistent set of design patterns can be challenging. In many phenotype ontologies, for example, a large proportion of class terms have formal definitions following a general framework, known as entity/quality (EQ), with common relations and reference ontologies. Despite this, the formal definitions used are often too divergent to drive classification and cross-ontology inference. Here we present software tools for improving and managing formalisation using design patterns. The Ontology Pattern Reconciliation Workbench helps users prioritise patterns for reconciliation between two related ontologies based on the impact pattern reconciliation will have on cross-ontology mapping. An extension to the ontology starter kit provides a practical workflow for developing ontologies using formally specified design patterns.</p>

Year of Publication
Conference Name
International Conference on Biomedical Ontology (ICBO 2018)
Date Published
International Conference on Biological Ontology
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