ICBO_2018_37: Ontology-Enhanced Representations of Non-image Data in The Cancer Image Archive
ICBO_2018_38: Expanding the Molecular Glycophenotype Ontology to include model organisms and acquired diseases
ICBO_2018_39: TOCSOC: A temporal ontology for comparing the survival outcomes of clinical trials in oncology
ICBO_2018_3: Ontology based data architecture to promote data sharing in electrophysiology
ICBO_2018_40: Human Cell Atlas Ontology
ICBO_2018_41: Formalizing the Representation of Immune Exposures for Human Immunology Studies
ICBO_2018_42: ELIXIR Interoperability: Standardisation of identifiers, schemas, and ontologies for scientific communities
ICBO_2018_43: Domain Informational Vocabulary Extraction Experiences with Publication Pipeline Integration and Ontology Curation
ICBO_2018_45: Formal Ontological Framework for representation of Food Phenotype, Sensation, Perception Tractable Flavor
ICBO_2018_46: Standardizing Ontology Workflows Using ROBOT
ICBO_2018_47: On the statistical sensitivity of semantic similarity metrics
ICBO_2018_48: Evidence-based medicine,Knowledge Modeling Framework
ICBO_2018_4: Comparison of Natural Language Processing Tools for Automatic Gene Ontology Annotation of Scientific Literature
ICBO_2018_50: A Natural Language Processing Pipeline to extract phenotypic data from formal taxonomic descriptions with a Focus on Flagellate Plants
ICBO_2018_51: Manually Curated Database of Rice Proteins: a case of digitized experimental data via structured use of ontologies
ICBO_2018_52: The integrative use of anatomy ontology and protein-protein interaction networks to study evolutionary phenotypic transitions
ICBO_2018_53: Visualization of gene expression and expression as a phenotype with the XPO, XAO and DO using a combination of experimental data sources
ICBO_2018_54: Developing graphic libraries to accompany the Craniofacial Human Ontology
ICBO_2018_55: Visualization: A Powerful Tool for Data Exploration and Storytelling
ICBO_2018_56: Towards the Development of an Opioid Misuse Ontology
ICBO_2018_57: An Ontology For Formal Representation Of Medication Adherence-Related Knowledge: Case Study In Breast Cancer
ICBO_2018_58: Computational Classification of Phenologs Across Biological Diversity
ICBO_2018_59: Coordinated Evolution of Ontologies of Informed Consent
ICBO_2018_5: Semantic Integration of Heterogeneous Resources Based on Domain Ontology
ICBO_2018_60: Enhancing Semantic Analysis of Pathology Reports