Deep Learning in the Life Sciences


  • Shawn O'Neil
  • Christopher Sullivan

Workshop type:

  • Workshop

Workshop Abstract:

The Center for Genome Research and Biocomputing (CGRB) and IBM are partnering to host a 2 1/2-day workshop introducing the fundamentals of deep learning for life-science applications. Participants will access IBM's PowerAI architecture and learn from IBM professionals, including logistic and multinomial regression, deep recurrent and convolutional neural networks, and tools such as Tensorflow and CAFFE. Potential examples to be covered include DNA sequence analysis for protein prediction, mining health analytics data, and textual analysis. 

The 1/2-day "pre-workshop" will also cover relevant background knowledge, including scripting in Python and using Jupyter notebooks.

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Schedule and Registration:

  • August 10: 1p to 5p: Background topics (Jupyter notebooks, Python scripting, access to PowerAI platform)
  • August 11: 8:00am to 5p: Deep Learning topics with IBM (details coming soon)
  • August 12: 8:00am to 5p: Deep Learning topics with IBM (details coming soon)

Standard registration is $750, please register here and select either "ICBO + ML Workshop" if attending both ICBO and this workshop, or just "ML Workshop" to attend just this workshop: Link Here Soon

The CGRB and ICBO are offering a number of $375 scholarships for students and early-career professionals. Apply for a scholarship here before registering: We'll notify those selected by June 15 and provide a discount code for registration. 



Attendees should bring a laptop with a modern web browser capable of running modern web-based applications and an SSH client such as Putty.exe if using Windows (Mac users can use built-in tools.) Please email if you don't have a laptop to bring.

Registration includes lunch (on Aug 11 and 12), snacks, and coffee. Dinner is not included. 

For local accomodations, including hotels and cheaper campus residence hall options, please see the ICBO accommodations page

Please direct questions about the workshop to or



Deep learning is making inroads in many fields, including bioinformatics and life sciences. We hope to highlight the work the CGRB and OSU are doing in this field, as well as generate new ideas for how Deep Learning can be applied to not only image-based data, but also sequence-based and ontology-based.