ICBO_2018_61: Using the Oral Health and Disease Ontology to Study Dental Outcomes in National Dental PBRN Practices
ICBO_2018_62: Reasoning over anatomical homology in the Phenoscape KB
ICBO_2018_63: GO-MAP Implements CAFA Tools: Improved Automated Gene Function Annotation for Plants
ICBO_2018_64: Development and implementation of the Sickle Cell Disease Ontology
ICBO_2018_65: An ontology-driven data capture and catalogue framework for the development of research and clinical databases in Sickle Cell Disease
ICBO_2018_66: Visualization of N-ary Relationships
ICBO_2018_67: Vocabularies, Ontologies, APIs, and Formats for Heterogeneous High Throughput Crop Phenotyping Data
ICBO_2018_68: The Planteome Project- Reference Ontologies for Data Integration
ICBO_2018_69: An (ontological) patient perspectiv
ICBO_2018_6: PHO: The Pharmacognosy Ontology
ICBO_2018_70: Improving Convergence Rates of Deep Learning for Very Small Image Training Sets
ICBO_2018_71: Comparative functional analysis in plants with Gramene
ICBO_2018_72: Ontology-based Comparative Transcriptomics: Novel Drought Stress-Induced Genes and Pathways in Rice
ICBO_2018_73: Taxa, metacoder, poppr and vcfR: Four packages for parsing, visualization, and manipulation of genetic, genomic and metagenomic data in R
ICBO_2018_74: The many faces of ontological data
ICBO_2018_75: ECOCORE: An ontology for core ecological concepts
ICBO_2018_76: Designing and Building the IC-FOODS Foundry: Community, Technology, and Standards for a Semantic Web of Food
ICBO_2018_77: Big Data Visualization
ICBO_2018_7: A Quality Assurance Methodology for ChEBI Ontology Focusing on Uncommonly Modeled Concepts
ICBO_2018_8: Using Equivalence Axioms from the Mammalian Phenotype Ontology to Facilitate Phenotype and Expression Comparisons
ICBO_2018_9: A Protégé Plug-In for Test-Driven Ontology Development